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Lavender Hill

While the community is called Lavender Hill, fields of blossoming flowers are far from view in this struggling community. Lavender Hill was formed as a result of the Group Areas Act of 1950 during the times of apartheid. It has a population of 100,000 people including five informal settlements that contain high levels of drug abuse, violence, gangs, and crime. There are numerous gang members in 137 gangs in the Cape Peninsula. Between 40% and 60% of all violent crime on the Cape Peninsula is gang-related. There is currently a 60% unemployment rate in Lavender Hill largely due to the oppression of past apartheid laws. Lavender Hill is still struggling to keep its head above water in post-apartheid South Africa.
Lucinda's Dream

Lucinda Evan’s dream of protecting and empowering abused women and children was realized when she witnessed a crowd gathering around a man beating his wife in the street. People were watching, yet no one was doing anything to stop the violence. Lucinda aims to be the person that others can rely on for protection and reassurance in the community of Lavender Hill. As of now, however, Lucinda is attempting this task alone. The money that she pours into her organization all comes from her own pocket. Lucinda will stop at nothing to make sure that the women of Lavender Hill have a place that offers them hope in their often intolerable situations.
Mission Statement

Activism. Sometimes it’s sitting and listening to the hearts of volunteers - their impressions, opinions, questions and debates. The culture shock in finding out that there are certain behaviors shared between all nations. The transformation begins with the realization that you can measure reality versus what is in your heart and how it affects you. When something touches you and challenges your critical thinking – what you know or believe to be true - then three quarters of your mission is complete. We are working towards a future where women will be free.


Giving women tools to succeed. That's the Philisa Abafazi way!


Philisa Abafazi Bethu is a non-profit organization

NPO Registration Number: 104-870-NPO

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