Child Protection 

The children’s programmes aim at providing children with a safe environment to develop and create everlasting positive friendships. We offer an After School Programme which provides educational enrichment, extracurricular activities, and care:

After School Programme

The After School Programme is available to at-risk boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 15. We work in partnership with four primary schools, and the liaison teacher to select children who would most benefit from positive social and creative interventions. In the programme, we try to educate, boost the childrens' self-esteem, and present workshops that addresses problem solving without using violence. Every year we rejoice in the success of this programme as the children begin to grow and adopt more positive attitudes. 


Anna and Lucinda Anna (long-term PAB volunteer from Denmark) regularly comes to South Africa to assist with the After School Programme and remembers:

"We had the joy of meeting a lot of girls this year. We also have Philip, a volunteer from Germany who had been involved in the programme since February and has been a positive role model to the girls where they cannot connect with male role models. We have been busy getting to know each other through games and other activities. So far we have done singing and arts and crafts with the children - and we also went to the beach!"

Surfing Programme

Our behaviorally-challenged youth have found particular benefit from our therapeutic Surfing Programme. Every Monday in summer, we invite the children of the community to join the Surfing Programme at Muizenberg Beach. The tranquil nature of the ocean combined with the need for focus in finding balance has been a great anger management strategy.


Women Empowerment

Our women empowerment training programmes provide women with all the tools and knowledge they will need to be independent, safe and secure within their homes and the community as a whole.


Parenting Skills Programme

Our Parenting Skills Programme has something to offer for both young and older mothers. Basics such as proper nutrition and overall health, positive discipline techniques, and breastfeeding are covered in these workshops. 


Women's Support Group

Many women are lacking valuable life-skills that would empower them to provide better care for themselves and their families. Our organisation offers many exciting skill-building workshops to help them develop into stronger, more independent women.  Areas covered include banking skills such as how to use an ATM, goal setting, conflict resolution, and women's wellness. Many women have never been shown or had opportunity to do these things on their own. Our workshops help women to achieve independence.


Senior Programme

This programme also supports grandmothers who find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Our elderly often suffer from abandonment, abuse, and neglect in addition to having the fulltime responsibility of caring for grandchildren and great grandchildren. All of these women find support through our educational group workshops and enjoyable outings.


Domestic Violence Court Support Programme

This programme is specially designed to support women in their quest to officially stand up and take action against their abusers. Members of our organization fully explain the process and accompany victims of domestic violence, to request restraining orders, file police reports and any other necessary court or legal documents


Video: Philisa Abafazi Bethu calling for help!