Emergency Safe House for Women and LGBTQIA+ people

Since 2012, we are running an Emergency Safe House for abused women that are in urgent need of shelter. It is the only Emergency Safe House in the region that invariably accepts any woman, regardless of her social status, skin colour or religion, and offers her and her children shelter.

In addition to that, we opened the first safe house for the province that caters to the LGBTQIA+ community in 2021. In both safe houses, clients get three meals a day, shelter and a house mother on duty who will be able to provide support 24-hours a day for victims of sexual violence and domestic and child abuse. For our clients, we have psycho social therapy, support, and protection available and we support all clients in their quest to officially stand up and take action against their abusers. Our social workers fully explain the process and accompany victims of domestic violence, to request restraining orders, file police reports and any other necessary court or legal documents.