Philisa Abafazi Bethu

Philisa Abafazi Bethu is a non-profit organisation. NPO registration number: 104-870-NPO

Sarah Louis | USA

My name is Sarah Louis and I am a Spring 2022 graduate of the University of Florida. Personally, I have always had a passion for empowering young girls of color, and I chose to intern at PAB because their mission aligned with my personal values. Having the privilege to learn about policy, power, and protest through the lens of working from an NPO has been a phenomenal experience. As a PAB intern, I learned a great deal about the Greater Lavender Hill community. Through working on marketing projects, a grant application, tutoring in the after-school program, gardening, etc, PAB, and more importantly Lucinda, has taught me how to heal a community in many different ways. Although my internship experience was short, I truly feel a part of the PAB family forever. I will forever miss walking through the rainbow colored compound, and I will miss hearing the children in the after-school program playing the marimba during their music therapy sessions. I am thankful to Lucinda and the PAB family for helping me to further develop my professional skills through this amazing service-learning opportunity.