Philisa Abafazi Bethu

Philisa Abafazi Bethu is a non-profit organisation. NPO registration number: 104-870-NPO

Philisa abafazi - Youth Programme

Youth Programme

Engaging youth in an activity or topic is not an easy feat, thus having an intention to capture their interest takes planning. The great news is youth want to participate! Youth are capable of contributing vast expertise and creative solutions related to their own lives, the services they receive and communities. It is also true that being taught skills and new behaviours is one of the essential ingredients to successful adult partnership. For our youth programme, we seek to improve their educational attainment as well as their health and well-being and to increase their participation in community life, achieve social inclusion, improve their environment, and build understandings of gender equality and empowerment in their minds. This program also aims to offer an alternative to gangsterism